The Tale of Genji

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Although it was a crooked poem, Genji's son thought it was also very interesting.

Although it was a crooked poem, Genji's son thought it was also very interesting. At this time, he spoke freely to Xiyan, without any disguise, and his elegant demeanor was unparalleled in the world. Compared with this environment, he had a sense of surliness. He said to Xiyan, "You have always hidden from me, and I am very unhappy, so I will not show you my true face.". Now that I'm out in the open, you can always tell me your name. Always like this, it makes people wonder. "I am a homeless waif," Xiyan replied! This appearance, which is not yet completely harmonious, looks delicate and beautiful. Genji Childe says: "This is helpless!"! I was the first to set an example, and I blame you. The two men spent the day, sometimes complaining of hatred, sometimes talking about love. Only light found this place and sent some fruit. But he was afraid to go inside because he was afraid to blame him for getting close to him. He was amused to see the young man hiding in such a place for the sake of the woman, and reasoned that the beauty of the woman must be worthy of infatuation. He thought, "I could have got it myself, but now I have given it to my son, and my tolerance is finally great.". There is some regret in my heart. In the evening, Genji's son looked out at the silent evening sky. Xiyan felt that the room was too dark and gloomy, so he went to the porch, rolled up the curtain, and lay down beside the childe. The two men looked at each other's faces, which were red by the sunset. Xiyan felt that the scene was strange and unexpected, so she forgot all her worries and gradually showed a state of intimacy and trust, which was very lovely. Seeing the scene around her, she felt very timid, so she clung to the childe all day long, like an innocent child, very pitiful. Genji's son closed the lattice door early and taught people to light the lamp. He said bitterly: "We are already intimate partners, you still have scruples, do not tell me the name, really make me sad.". Then he remembered, "My father must be looking for me. Where are the messengers going to find me?"? Then he thought, "I wonder why I dote on this woman so much.". I haven't visited the six concubines for a long time. She must hate me. It was painful to be hated, but it was no wonder that she was. When he misses his lover, he always thinks of the six concubines first. However, the innocent and reluctant person in front of us is really very lovely. At this time think of six imperial concubines that kind of overanxious and depressed expression, then feel a little less color. He compared the two in his mind. ① Xiyan here is comparable to Genji Childe. (2) Waka: On the desolate shore of the surging waves, there is no home to return to. See He Han Lang Yong Ji. In the middle of the night, Mr. Genji fell asleep. In a trance, he saw a beautiful woman sitting beside his pillow. He said to him, I love you because you are young and handsome. I don't know that you don't care about me at all, but you come here with this unworthy woman and dote on her in every way. So heartless, I am so angry! With these words, he began to pull up Xiyan, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Grey Marble Slab, who was sleeping beside him. Genji Childe knew that he had a dream demon. He opened his eyes and saw that the lights had gone out. He felt that Yin Qi was pressing, so he pulled out his sword and put it beside him to wake him up. Right near also very afraid, snuggle to Genji childe side. Childe says: "You go out to wake up the person on duty in corridor, tell them to light paper candle.". Right near say: "So dark, teach me how to go out?"? "Ha ha," said the young man with a smile, "you really look like a child. He clapped his hands. At this time, the walls echoed, and the scene was very miserable. But that lodge heard them not, and no one came. Xiyan's whole body spasms, silent and painful. After a cold sweat, he was dying. Right near say: "The young lady is born timid, ferial a little trifle, then soul-stirring, do not know how sad she is in the heart now!"! Genji Childe thought: "Really very timid, during the day is also staring at the sky in a daze, really poor ah!"! He said to Youjin, "Then I'll go and call someone myself. It's annoying to clap your hands with an echo.". You can sit next to her for a while. Right near then approached the side of Xiyan. Genji Childe went out from the west side door, opened the door of the corridor, and saw that the lights had gone out. There is a slight night breeze outside. There were very few people on duty, and they all fell asleep. There were only three people, one of whom was the son of the keeper here, a young man who was often ordered by Genji's son, one was a boy on duty, and the other was the attendant. The young man promised and got up. Childe says to him: "Bring paper candle.". Say to your followers, Tell them to sound the strings quickly, and keep on sounding the strings. How can you sleep at ease in such a sparsely populated place? I heard Weiguang was here. Where is he now? The young man replied: "He has been here, because the childe did not tell him anything, he went back, said tomorrow morning to meet the childe.". The young man, who was a guard in the palace and was good at sounding the strings, drew his bow and shouted to the candle to be careful, and went to the guard's room. The Japanese are used to clapping their hands to call someone. At that time, it was believed that the sound of bowstrings could drive away demons. When Genji's son heard the sound of the strings, he imagined the situation in the palace: The night watchman had probably already sung his name. Guards and warriors sing strings. That's the time, isn't it? Supposedly, it's not late at night. He went back to the room and groped in the dark. Xiyan was lying down as usual, prostrate beside her. "What's the matter with you?" Said Genji? There's no need to be so timid! It is abominable that foxes and the like should come out to frighten in the wilderness; but I am here, and do not be afraid of them! Pull right near forcibly, right near say: Too Terrible. I felt very uncomfortable, so I prostrated myself on the ground. I don't know how the young lady is now? Childe says: "Alas, this is how one and the same!"! He secretly reached out his hand and stroked Xiyan, but her breath was gone. He shook her body again, but she felt that her limbs were loose and she was completely unconscious. Genji's son thought, "She is really a childish person. She is fascinated by demons.". However, he was helpless and anxious. The guard came with a paper candle. By this time, the right side was too frightened to move. Prince Genji himself pulled over the curtain next to him, covered Xiyan's body, and said to the samurai, "Bring some paper candles!"! However, the warrior obeyed the rules,white marble mosaic, did not dare to approach, and stopped at the threshold. Genji Childe says: Bring some more! It depends on the situation to obey the rules! As soon as I took the paper candle, I faintly saw the beautiful woman in my dream sitting on the pillow of Xiyan. It disappeared in a flash.