Floating Life Story 3

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He did not remember how his relationship with the Double Seventh Festival had become close,

He did not remember how his relationship with the Double Seventh Festival had become close, as if nothing special had happened. The first time I saw her, the thin girl, carrying a pig's head in one hand and a large bucket of washed clothes in the other, ran vigorously into the closed flower room. Before he came here with Banmei, the Double Seventh Festival did almost all the menial work for Aunt Hu, and was responsible for chatting with her old mother when Aunt Hu was not at home. Compared with the daughters of ordinary families, Double Seventh Festival was not afraid of strangers at all. The first time she saw him, she told him all the details of her wealth. Finally, she happily dragged him to deliver pig's head meat to several families in another street, as if she had known him for eight or ten years. Not to mention the next few years, as long as she came to close the flower room, it was a lively and jubilant scene, she never seemed to know tired, do not know what is unhappy. In the eyes of Sixi, Double Seventh Festival belongs to the kind of shortsighted person who is tired to death for others and can hum a ditty. However, she also has a tough time. Sixi had been ill once, with fever, headache and inability to eat. The doctor prescribed the medicine and told her to take it once an Hour. The Double Seventh Festival became serious and stayed by the bed all night, waking him up every other hour on time and forcing him to drink every drop of the bitter decoction. If he didn't drink it, she would pinch his mouth and pour it, without any ambiguity. As a result, two days later, Sixi recovered,Pietra Gray Marble, but Double Seventh Festival, because of lack of sleep, he was distracted when cutting pork, and his index finger was cut big, which took a long time to heal, leaving a permanent scar. Think about it carefully, the existence of this girl, like eating steamed bread and noodles every day, there is no outstanding place,Calacatta Nano Glass, but it will become a gradually deep. Habit. In the dark and silent street, a lantern shines on the road ahead, one is running, one is chasing, two young people's brisk footsteps are fading away, no one has found that Zhending County, which has always been calm, a momentum of tension is surging secretly.. 7 Breeze and drizzle, flowers blossom and butterflies dance, this season makes everything gentle. However, there is one exception. On the east school field, swords, voices and hooves converge into a sharp and warm-blooded world. As usual, zhaoyun dressed in a white robe, holding the shining corner of the gun, steadily through the middle of the team, from time to time to correct his soldiers with a knife with a gun. Every man present had a resolute face, White Marble Slabs ,Carrara Marble Slab, and a loud shout accompanied every move. Even the White Dragon Horse and the other horses, which were tied up beside the school yard, held their heads high and whinnied from time to time, looking mighty and eager to fight the enemy. On the 15th, it was time to compete with Zheng Qiong. The Satrap adult has issued a clear text, to Zhao Jiajun and Zheng Jiajun fair competition, the two armies each show the sword riding and shooting skills, by the judge adult score. Finally, the coaches of the two armies will compete with each other. The winner will add ten points to the score already obtained, and the loser will subtract ten points. The final victory of the militia, will be incorporated under sun hae-chan, become a formal army. Regardless of the rules of the competition, Zhao Yun is confident. At this moment, I saw this group of warm-blooded men braving the afternoon sun, playing with knives and guns, sweating like rain, on the ground of the school yard, with everyone's neat pace, raising bursts of dust, quite spectacular. Zhaoyun posture vigorous, white clothes such as clouds, standing in it like the stars around the moon, very eye-catching. In such a scene, Zhu Qixi, who was lying on the fence, was stunned. Hello! Have you seen enough? Under the wall, Sixi, who had offered her shoulder as a ladder, frowned and asked, "Don't you do business in the afternoon?" "Rest for half a day." The Double Seventh Festival couldn't take his eyes off someone in the yard. Aren't you going to see Aunt Hu's mother's horse in the Closure Flower Studio? He asked again. I will go there in the evening. She loves to watch my shadow play. The Double Seventh Festival answered absently. Is speaking, zhaoyun demonstration of a recruit back to the horse gun, drew a cheer. The Double Seventh Festival was so excited at the sight of his skill that he loosened his grip on the wall like a lost soul, straightened up and applauded loudly, completely forgetting his dangerous situation. This toss and turn, immediately let her lose her balance, half of the body toward the wall side of a tilt, four Xi want to grab her feet are too late, watching this silly girl into the school yard. In the rising dust, the Double Seventh Festival lying on the ground with his back to the sky raised a big face and looked awkwardly at the man coming towards him. Zhu Qixi Festival, what are you doing? Zhaoyun pestle pike, frowning, looking down at her, and did not mean to help. Passing by, hey. The Double Seventh Festival got up slowly and smiled at him as he patted the ashes on his body. Do you know that peeking at military training will be punished with a cane for twenty? Zhao Yun asked coldly. Go ahead, I'm thick-skinned. Double Seventh Festival, he was able to smile, "You look so beautiful when you train!" As soon as this remark was made, there was a burst of laughter from the onlookers not far away. Zhao Yun turned his head and shouted at the top of his voice, "Everyone listen to orders and run ten laps around the school yard!"! No noise! "True words!" He looked at his face and said earnestly. Get out Zhao Yun twisted her arm and dragged it out, but she gave a cry of surprise. What's wrong now? He looked at the Double Seventh Festival with a suddenly bitter face. She pointed to her right foot. "I think I sprained it." He let go of his hand, crouched down and tried to squeeze her ankle. "Here?" The Double Seventh Festival gasped and nodded sharply. Bring it on yourself. He put his pike aside and crouched down with his back to her. "Come up." "Go up?" The Double Seventh Festival gasped again. Or what? You roll out? Zhao Yun's face was pale. "Hurry up!" "Dong!" The Double Seventh Festival jumped on his back with joy, so strong that he almost fell to the ground. She rested her chin on his shoulder. "Thank you." He did not respond and walked intently out of the school yard with her on his back. The shadows of the two men moved in the sunlight, and when he did not speak,Marble Granite Price, the restless Double Seventh Festival freed his hand and made the shadow of a puppy's hand, biting his head jubilantly. Can't you act like a decent girl? He finally opened his mouth. Where am I not serious? The Double Seventh Festival put away his hand, propped up his neck and tried to look at his side face. Don't send pork to my house any more! He said helplessly. forustone.com