See gangsters again

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Since Nie Mingkun thought so in his heart, he immediately took out the ability to press the bottom of the box and planned to waste the small mix on the spot.

Since Nie Mingkun thought so in his heart, he immediately took out the ability to press the bottom of the box and planned to waste the small mix on the spot. However, he may not have figured out, in fact, small hoodlum has already become a climate. Otherwise, how can this hoodlum make a great reputation in the bizarre Jianghu? Between the hands, the small hoodlum suddenly alerted, Nie Mingkun's face suddenly flashed a faint pale. Others may think that this is the phenomenon of Nie's exhaustion after a long war, and secretly pleased. However, the small hoodlum is instinctively alert, secretly watching each other so little abrupt changes. In fact, there is no other reason why the instinct of the small hoodlum will develop so cautiously, just because he is a thief who is accustomed to designing others by acting skills, how can he not be on guard against others pretending to calculate his reason? In a fierce battle- Nie Mingkun suddenly unreasonably pulled back three feet, opened the distance between the small hoodlum, and stared at the small hoodlum with an expressionless face. The gangsters did not pursue. He noticed that the pale face of the other side became more obvious, and Nie's eyes, which had been shining, gradually lost their original vitality with the change of face, and turned into a pair of glass balls like the eyes of a dead man. Staring at each other's strange transformation, some inexact idea flashed through the mind of the gangster. Extremely alert,naringenin price, the little hoodlum opened his mouth with a smile and said, "Boss Nie, it doesn't seem to be the time to come down and rest now, do you think so?" At the same time as the gangster opened his mouth, Nie Mingkun suddenly raised his hand and pounced on the gangster. His attack was direct and unswerving, but the palms he raised were horribly white, and his five fingers were slightly bent into a strange gesture,stesweet stevia, imprinted on his chest. With a sudden flash of inspiration in his mind, he blurted out, "Ghost handprint?" He had no time to retreat, so he had to make a mistake with his hands and seal them in front of his chest. When Nie Mingkun was less than three feet close to him, he suddenly strode up with great strides, and at the same time his hands suddenly turned over. At that moment, the strength of the palm broke through the air and sent out a sharp roar, and the violent flow of strength, such as a sharp arrow and a sharp blade, shot wildly at Nie Mingkun. There was a thunderous explosion. Small hoodlum and Nie Mingkun under the hard fight, two people are the clothes are all cracked, dishevelled to stagger straight back, is obviously a lose-lose mess scene. Knife and Ding Zai to Duanhun Lou's tangled battle, also because of the small hoodlum they hit each other's impact, can not stop their own first to protect themselves and stop. Is in the side of the onlookers Qi Xinyu and Bai Ruyu, lycopene for skin ,turmeric extract powder, they were also swept askew by the aftershock of the shock, they could not believe that today's small hoodlum, unexpectedly have such skill, can single-handedly hard to take Nie Mingkun full blow. After two years of absence, the small hoodlum really made them sit up and take notice. They can not help but feel a little sad for themselves. After the current has subsided. The wounded masked man in red dared not neglect to rush forward and hold his own elder who was bleeding from his mouth. Du Buquan also led the family members of the Broken Soul Building to visit him. Now, he was shocked by the great skill of Nie Mingkun and Xiao Hun. However, when he saw that Nie Mingkun's negative creation seemed to be not light, he could not help feeling sad in his heart. Only then did he realize that he was bound to reassess his ability to be a small-time hoodlum. Knife and Ding Zai also hurriedly swept to the small hoodlum to inquire about the injury. Under the support of Lin Zhenying and Guan Qing, the small hoodlum managed to stand firm. Without saying a word, he first took out a handful of pills from his bosom and swallowed them, then breathed out a foul breath. At this time, the two sleeves of the small mix disappeared from the elbow below. On his strong forearm, several skull palm prints with black blood were clearly appearing. When Gu Rufan saw the palm print on his arm, his face changed greatly: "God, this is a ghost handprint." "Ghost handprint?" Du Zhenying, Qiu Daosheng and Sun Yuwei were shocked when they heard this, and they hurriedly pulled up the arms of the small hoodlums to examine them. But the younger generation of young men, such as the knife, blankly do not know what their elders are nervous about? "All right!" "Although it is said that there is no way to save people in the ghost handprint, the effectiveness of the ghost handprint will fail when it comes to me, a genius who specializes in writing legends," said Xiao Hun with a smile. Gu Rufan and other people of the older generation who understood the horror of the ghost handprint were a little calm when they heard this. After all, they still have confidence in the medical skills of the gangsters. Guan Qing asked curiously, "Master Shibo, what kind of kungfu is Ghost Handprint? Why haven't I heard anyone mention it before?" Gu Rufan said lightly and steadily, "The Ghost Handprint is one of the secret teachings of the Tianshen Sect a hundred years ago. Since this martial art has been lost with the extinction of the Tianshen Sect, you have never heard of it." "Darling!" Ding Zai put on a grimace and said, "How could an antique that has been lost for three hundred years be unearthed at this critical juncture?"? According to the legend, this God religion was a famous demon in those days, with many strange and evil kungfu, and it was the best at using poison. Fortunately, it has only been rampant in Tibet and has never harassed the Central Plains Wulin. Later, for some unknown reason, it suddenly disappeared overnight and became a legend. "I can't tell you know the story of the God religion," said the little hoodlum with a teasing smile. "I'm not too ignorant." Sun Yuwei said worriedly, "Although the Tianshen religion was lost for some reason in the past, it is obvious that it has shown signs of coming back and is planning to invade the Central Plains.". Otherwise, these mysterious men in red will not want to control the faction. Lin Chen-ying said heavily, "If the legends about the deeds of the Tianshen Sect are true, I'm afraid.." The Central Plains Wulin is bound to be eventful. "That's fun!" Small hoodlum chuckles: "Originally, I also worry about the recent calm in Jianghu, the days will be too boring.". Now on the way out, a God comes to the Central Plains Wulin to Wade through the troubled waters. I just come to fish in the troubled waters. I'm not afraid of having no fun to find. Qiu Daosheng said with a wry smile, "In my opinion, you are probably the only one in the Central Plains Wulin who will be happy about the comeback of the Tianshen Sect." "No." Xiao Dao laughed and said, "Martial Uncle Qiu,phycocyanin spirulina, you should say that only the Madman Guild is excited about this in the Central Plains Wulin." "Excited?" Qiu Daosheng was somewhat surprised. Yes! The knife laughed even more amused: "There is excitement to gather together, how can people not be excited." As soon as he finished speaking, he burst out laughing with Xiao Hun and Ding Zai.