Warring States Gods and Demons List

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He followed Li Sechen to Huashan Mountain and was attracted by the flames of Qunxian Temple. He did not expect that Li Sechen would be the culprit of the bloody Wulin.

He followed Li Sechen to Huashan Mountain and was attracted by the flames of Qunxian Temple. He did not expect that Li Sechen would be the culprit of the bloody Wulin. Deng Lingzi, however, did not know that Li Sechen was disguised by Yin Yumen, the leader of the Five Poisons Sect. In his rage, he was so murderous that he made people tremble for no reason. Yin Yumen, who pretended to be Li Sechen, did not know that'Se Xian 'had been tied up, but he had achieved the purpose of framing Li Sechen, so that he was spurned by decent people. She said to Zhu Yan coldly and mercilessly: 'Lord Zhu, you block this old man for me. I still have something important to do.' Although Zhu Yan did not know who this seemingly vulgar old man was, she knew that he was not an ordinary person when she saw him leisurely appearing in the light. She immediately turned to Yin Yumen and said: 'Master.. Nope! Master Li The magic knife behind you.. Would you like to borrow it? 'Yin Yumen's face was gloomy, and he said,' Sister Zhu! This handle of Pangu If "Chiyou Magic Sword" falls into your hands, will you still obey orders like this? You've met your match. Even if I try my best to stop the old man from ruining my important things! Otherwise, I will ignore the sisterhood. 。’ When Zhu Yan heard this, she could only bite her lips to show her dissatisfaction, and then waved to the two spider women and asked them to kill Gugang and Guo Qing first. Deng Lingzi snorted coldly, and his figure flashed, like a skim from the ground, cut to the middle of the two spider women, to open the bow around,aluminium laminated tube, 'poof! Poof With two bangs, they bounced off and rolled on the ground, suddenly silent and motionless. Yin Yumen saw that the old man's posture was as quick as a ghost. He searched his memory and remembered a person. He blurted out: 'This is the "Shining Spirit Catching the Moon" flying skill of "Mo Men".. It's similar to Ah Chen's "Shining Spirit Chasing Stars". It must be Deng Lingzi, the head of "Bie Mo", who is known as "Lingxian" in Wulin! 'When Deng Lingzi heard this, he was surprised to look at Li Sechen in disguise and said:' Strange? You and I had a fight two hours ago. Why don't you know me so much. Smelly boy! If "Se Xian" has a trace of scar, I will peel your skin! Hand over the men. ……’ The pronunciation of the word "come" has not stopped, and it drags on for a long time. Deng Lingzi instantly lifted the rope net to release Gugang and Guo Qing,cosmetic tube, and snapped his fingers to unlock Gugang's sealed acupoint. Then he turned into a pale golden mask and flew off the ground like a ghost, heading straight for the Yumen Gate. His rescue and sudden assault tactics, posture, such as lightning, amazing, simply put Zhu Yan and more than a dozen female assassins in the eye. When Zhu Yan heard the name of Deng Lingzi, she was prepared for it. She immediately waved her hand and ordered all the spider women to throw white rope nets at the pale golden floating light. Each piece of rope net is eight feet square in the air, and at the connection point of the rope net, there is a silver barb that is full of inches long. The tip of the hook is black and has a huge poison. If a person is covered by the net, the hook will stab into the flesh and see blood. If he struggles again, he will be poisoned to death. It is a very horrible strange weapon. He wants to kill Deng Lingzi. All of a sudden, the net was flying all over the sky, and the moon was shining like the stars of the Milky Way, forming a dragnet that covered the enemy's way of advance and retreat. Unless the enemy turned around and ran away as soon as he saw the net, he would have a chance to survive. Unexpectedly, plastic laminated tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, Deng Lingzi still rushed forward without looking back, while condensing to expand the aperture shield. In the halo, his right hand pressed against the ground in front of his chest, and his left hand grabbed back to the sky. He gathered the Yin and Yang Qi of heaven and earth, circled a big circle, and still went straight to Li Sechen. The earth suddenly changed. The floating light is about five feet wide, and the ground it sweeps over triggers geothermal heat, explodes fireworks, and sucks up all the air within a radius of thirty feet. The air current rolls into the air to fuel the raging fire on the ground, turning into a fire dragon leaping into the air and soaring into the sky. The scene is spectacular. The silver hook rope net all over the sky is scattered by the momentum of the fire dragon's flames soaring into the sky. The fire dragon seems to be shuttling between the rope nets. Although the silk rope net is extremely tough However, he was burned by fire and immediately turned into ashes. Deng Lingzi displayed the innate vigorous internal force of pure Yang, which triggered the friction and flame of the earth's Yin and hot air. Gugang and Guo Qing, who were watching the battle from the side, admired him very much. More than a dozen female assassins in shock have retreated, gathered to guard in front of Zhu Yan, see a poisonous dragnet, has been destroyed by Deng Lingzi, not panic, flaming fire dragon momentum is not extinguished, still rolling in. The air suddenly changed again. Gugang and Guo Qing, who were three Zhangs away, felt that all the air flow and vitality around them had been sucked down, and a black and bright knife gas, with the knife light as the axis point, gave birth to a terrible breath of death and death, which quickly overflowed the four directions and spread to the earth. There was a flash of black light and a clap of thunder. The flaming fire dragon was extinguished in an instant by the light of the thunderbolt knife. The golden shield of Deng Lingzi's whole body cracked, showing the color of panic, because this divine knife not only destroyed the pure Yang fire dragon of his own body, but also cut the invulnerable golden light shield, but did not know who had done it, which made people feel fear. Deng Lingzi was stunned for a moment. Yin Yumen, who pretended to be Li Sechen, had disappeared. Zhu Yan's eyes were burning, and while Deng Lingzi was in a daze, he suddenly moved out, and if the rabbit jumped up and down behind him, he turned over his hands and tried to break his Tianlinggai. Chapter 68 Red Blood Net Soul. Taiyi is close to Tiandu, connecting mountains to the corner of the sea. The white clouds look back together, and the blue mist enters to see nothing. The peak changes in the division, and the valleys are different in cloudy and sunny days. Want to throw a person's place to sleep, ask the woodcutter across the water. Deng Lingzi only relied on the strength of the back of the palm to attack the pneumatic wave, and did not look back, the right hand immediately back out, to clasp the attacker's palm, its subtle changes, people were caught off guard, purely by feeling to judge the position, so that Zhu Yan heart a Qu,pump tube, palm into a fist quickly hit. 'Peng! 'A sound of vigorous clapping, from the contact point of the fist and palm to all directions, the momentum is amazing. emptycosmetictubes.com